Multiply your success - consolidating all your decisive business processes in one solution!

Your solution including numerous additional functions in comparison to the Odoo Community Edition and a superior alternative to the Odoo Enterprise Edition. version 16 - out now! Version 16 - the Better ERP Solution​ Compared to Odoo Community or Odoo Enterprise?  Outstanding!


 Our solution is based on the OpenERP solution Odoo in the community edition. Based on our longtime experience in project work, implementation of ERP systems, and product development, evolved into an extraordinary, comprehensive solution, providing a sophisticated complete package of modules and functions to refine your business processes. Being as individual and flexible as your needs and requirements, is your perfect alternative to SAP, Odoo Enterprise, or any other ERP solution in the market.

Further elementary features included in, particularly useful for the German market: The unique contract ( contract), the management dashboard, the great improvement for projects, the user helpdesk and ticket system ( support), the complete employee solution with attendance, timesheet (timesheet reporting), leave planning, and shift plan management. Last but not least, we also added important functions to the financial accounting, such as a dunning process and a reporting system.

Your Future-Oriented Business Needs a Pioneering ERP Solution!​

Our open-source ERP solution based on Odoo provides maximum efficiency for your business processes!, an adequate business system, and way more than a common ERP system, will convince you by it's versatile, modular concept. It supports you with a precise business process, easy to manage and self-explanatory. You, your employees and partners are enabled to take control of your business, evaluate decisive figures and information, and make well-founded, consistent decisions for future stategies and actions. - a reasonable alternative to ERPs, like SAP , Navision, MS Dynamics NAV.

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Solutions for Any Business Area

There are various Odoo modules and extensions to meet your needs and requirements:
Master Financial Matters

 German accounting system, meeting the requirements of German accountancy. Extended reports, e.g. Intrastat-note, Odoo Datev module and Odoo MT940 bank statements.

Improve Your Sales Volume

 Manage prospects, opportunities and customer contracts. Create offers, organize and book appointments. All applications, also the CRM, are optimized for the German market.

Optimize Your Supplies

Customized procurement and additional functions for the handling of subcontracted production or general agreements with suppliers.

Merchandise Management

Warehouse and inventory management as well as the handling of production processes. Fully integrated in sales and procurement.

Project Business and Support

Project management (Odoo project) with numerous addons for multi-level projects, import from MS Project and Project libre, linked to sales volume and time sheets. Helpdesk and Odoo support module including time recording, stages, escalation and customer engagement in the process.

Website and Online Shop 

Design attractive websites and sell directly online. Use live data in your shop without connecting further systems due to the full integration of the webshop.

Employee Management

Manage employees, attendances, overtime and holiday entitlements, and create shift plans with these refined modules.

Manage Contacts

Organize customers and contacts, manage branch offices and chain stores supported by these extensions.

Integrate Systems

Quick and easy document management with Efficient and simple connection of external systems with ITISeasy.connect.

Increase Productivity

Further small assistants in for the use of texts and images, the attachment of external files, and tracking of changes in the chatter where fields can be added by configuration. Use ITIS tools to send emails to cc or bcc, or see your customer´s sales history. Discover a multitude of helpful functions in you do not want to miss in the future. Version 16 Available Now!

Many of the modules mentioned above are exclusive features of already and only available in our solution (no additional costs). But also for Odoo basic modules, many useful extensions and improvements are available in

Discover our latest developments and features - by ITIS AG!

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Some Interesting Integrations Available


Easy Start is implemented smoothly and easily, and can be started and used right away due to its modular design.  

Full Integration in One Software - Thanks to Modular Design

All business-critical divisions are covered by appropriate apps. CRM, sales, commodity management, manufacturing, financial accounting and much more. Everything combines in a single system - this gives you a much better way to monitor your processes, which means greater transparency in your company and also saves costs compared to the use of several different systems.

It Is Easy - Intuitve Operation

Our solution will convince you by a web-based and modern surface as well as an easy and intuitive operation. The user is guided through the processes - a pleasure to work with!

An adequate alternative for SAP or other outdated systems! 

We Understand Your Needs is optimized for the requirements of German companies. Beyond the requirements for the software itself, the operation of the solution in our own data center in Germany, the highest security of your data as well as a high-performance provision of the software is guaranteed.

Open Source is based on an open-source ERP solution, which guarantees high security and ensures further development and updates of the source code. In addition, adaptation or programmatic extension is possible as required.​ Refined - For You! versus Odoo Community and Odoo Enterprise - discover some additional functions and extensions below:

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Financial Controlling and Accounting

Extensions for

Besides plenty of extensions concerning the evaluation of financial data and further additional functions, the extension for the DATEV transfer as well as the import of bank statements in the MT940 format are to be mentioned here.


Our module allows the export of accounting data to DATEV. The necessary values as well as the data to be exported can be configured. It is also possible to manage and create debtor and creditor accounts. Furthermore, it is possible to import accounting data from DATEV.

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Import MT940

With this module, you can insert your bank statements in the MT940-format in and relate your account movements to the posting records in the system. All banks support the MT940-format or offer their customers the opportunity to download the data. Due to free configuration of payment transaction values, statements of every bank or payment service provider can be imported.

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Sales Management

Extensions for

Manage your prospects and opportunities easily with the CRM app or segment your customers with the CRM profiling module.
Once you successfully complete the sale, you will find several improvements and available sales, for example customer-specific product numbers. You will not want to miss these features in your customer relationship management and order processing any more!

Text blocks and formatting

This extension allows the creation of additional lines or text blocks beyond the common lines and sections. The additional lines can be formatted freely, using a html editor. You can insert links and images, use colors and work with placeholders in the text.

More Details

Attach documents

With ITIS pdf attach, you can attach further documents to your reports in and combine all documents in one pdf file. You can also define mandatory attachments, such as general terms and conditions, which are to be added in general.

More Details

Contract management

Fully integrated extension for the processing of customer and supplier contracts.

More Details



Extensions for

Procurement according to your requirements. Manage general agreements, defined minimum inventory levels, or parameters for an order-related procurement, fully integrated in your order processing, warehouse and manufacturing.

General agreements

Our additional module allows the creation and management of general agreements with customers or suppliers. The calls within the general agreement can also be made automatically based on demand planning. The system also monitors the remaining quantities, as well as the contractual validity and agreed call-off conditions.

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Inventory and Manufacturing

Extensions for

The system offers sophisticated warehouse management, if required, combined with manufacturing, including production and work orders. Manufacturing operations can be triggered and planned automatically by the system, based on forecasts and manually created production orders.

Subcontracted manufacturing

Our extension allows you to manage subcontracted manufacturing. Every single step in your procurement process is mapped in the system by this module: starting with the order from your supplier, the provision of products, the monitoring of manufacturing processes, the controlling and management of quantities in your supplier's stock, up to the receipt of the finished parts! Quantities at the subcontractor's warehouse can also be monitored or organized.

More Details


Project Management

Apps for

Like all other features, the project module is fully integrated and works in combination with the sales module, support, timesheet and billing. In our solution, you will find a variety of extensions that simplify the management and monitoring of tasks in projects.


The support module offers you a fully integrated ticket system to map your customer support. You can create tickets by email or on the website automatically and allow your customers to access the tickets via the website. You can define response times and pricing for customers with support contracts. Configure multiple support teams, levels, and notifications.

More Details

Project Addons

The project module is equipped with a number of extensions that simplify the management and processing of projects and tasks.

More Details


Website & E-commerce

Apps for

Create attractive web presences and integrate your webshop directly into your website. The webshop is also fully integrated with the ERP system, providing real-time data without the need for additional electronic data interchange to or from external systems.


Our module allows you to offer appointments, presented as available time slots (based on a configuration) that can be booked directly on the website or in the webshop. A comfortable opportunity for your customers to book services in support, training, consulting and much more.

More Details


Employee Management

Apps for

Our solution complies with the requirements for German companies concerning, for example, the tracking of attendance time as well as leave management.

Attendance time recording

The recording of working or attendance time was generally conceived based on German requirements. In addition to a large number of configuration options for working time models and overtime, the reports for the obligation of proof are also provided.

More Details

Vacation planning

As well as the extensions in attendance time recording, leave management has also been extended: overtime reduction, vacation planning for the following year, and appropriate calculations were included in the solution. Furthermore, the management of additional holidays is possible.

More Details


Service and Productiveness

Apps for

Our solution offers easy and intuitive operation thanks to an improved theme with neutral colors and structured navigation. Numerous helpful features are included, such as the creation of recurring tasks or appointments. You'll be surprised by the numerous possible simplifications in your day-to-day business!

Management overview

This module provides a wonderful overview over your business figures. Configure the categories autonomously based on any model and field from the open source ERP system. Create your most simple and effective overview.

More Details

DMS ready is already prepared for the combination with and can be extended with an adequate document management system. This allows you to archive documents directly from the ERP system, but also to link documents from the DMS to processes in the ERP system. A proper alternative to the Odoo DMS system.

More Details


Highlights of

Amazing features for your business!

Contract Management

Apps for customer and supplier contracts

With this module, we created an opportunity to organize and handle contracts comfortably and professionally. The functions are available for both customers and suppliers.

More Details

Management Overview​

An app for KPIs and configurable dashboards

Keep control of your key performance indicators and the development of your business. Create your own management dashboards according to your individual requirements, and generate clear and expressive graphs displaying your progress!

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Our Hard-to-match Pricing​

from €  12.18

Per month and per full user - light user available, too
  • Fully featured ERP system
  • Access to all modules is included - no extra costs per module
  • Management via secure, separate, free environment

  • High-performance SaaS solution in our German data centers - Facts

The most flexible, individual, user-optimized, and cost-effective ERP system for all your business requirements. It is based on Odoo, the most popular community ERP system worldwide.

Costs and Service and you? Here are some valid reasons why you can benefit from, too:

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Acquisition and Operating Expenses

Low operating costs. 

Support and Classification

We are happy to help you: Cost-effective support from 8/5 up to 24/7 can be booked.

Migration and Updates

Low migration/switching costs. Easy access for new users.


Easy operation, huge amount of available information, low training effort.

Extensibility and Customization

Adaptations/extensions possible, individual adjustments possible via module upload.

Future Security

Future-proof, system-independent, and maintenance-supported by a community.


System-independent and up-to-date solutions.

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Runs on your

PC, tablet  and smartphone.

Client requirement

Any current operating system (browser and PDF support).

Kind of access


Other specific features

Interfaces to many external systems. Large community, constantly improving and expanding the solution.


Client, application server or database server.


In use for seven years. Reliability > 99%.

Data security

Secure system (no third party access).

Data interchange

Import and export of data as CSV and Excel files are possible. Modular structure. 

Access everywhere

Yes, with good internet connection.


In several data centers only in Germany.

Special Features and Advantages - your benefits summarized:

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  • It's your data - in your private cloud in Germany
  • Easily expandable by modular design
  • Company operation​s can be fully handled in one solution (digitization, Industry 4.0, also IOT)
  • Clear and intuitive menu navigation, fast page load, user- and function-optimized information display
  • Structured user roles and authorizations
  • Work from everywhere, due to browser-based solution

  • Configurable reports
  • Configurable management dashboards
  • Extensive BI
  • Structured task assignment to team
  • Contract management for procurement and sales
  • Integrated e-commerce
  • Comprehensive marketing module and budgeting


Use synergies and benefit from all advantages.

Discover attractive possibilities of combination: ITISeasy.suite - complies with your requirements!

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OCA Modules

As a sponsor and long time member of the Odoo Community Association (OCA), we have integrated the following OCA modules in our Odoo alternative. Please give a hand of applause to the talents behind these modules. 

German Accounting:
  1. l10n_de
  2. 10n_de_skr03
  3. l10n_de_skr04
  1. UST-Voranmeldung - l10n_de_tax_statementa
  2. - ZM - l10n_de_tax_statement_zm
  3. - currency_rate_updatea
  4. - om_account_accountant 
  5. - (( accouting_pdf_reports ) always installed but hardly used - englische pdf-reports)
  6. - om_account_assets 
  7. - om_account_budgeta
  8. - account_reconciliation_widget 
  9. - account_tax_balancea
  10. - date_range
  11. account_payment_term_extension
  12. account_banking_sepa_credit
  13. account_banking_direct_debit

  1. crm_phonecall
  2. product_pack, sale_product_pack
  3. sale_commissions
  4. sale_automatic_workflow
  1. partner_firstname
  1. hr_attendance_rfid
  2. hr_holidays_public
  3. hr_attendance_reason
  4. hr_report_theoretical_time
  1. business_requirement
  2. web_timeline
  3. project_template
  4. project_timeline_hr_timesheet
  5. project_timeline_task_dependency
  6. project_deadline
  7. project_task_dependency