With the ITISeasy.control-center, managing all your ITISeasy applications becomes effortless. It provides a unified user management system for all applications, including new modules and custom developments tailored to your solution. The best part is that it is web-based, allowing easy access and control. Even better, the control center is included free of charge in your ITISeasy solution.

Central Hub for Your Complete Business Package

With ITISeasy.control-center, you can manage crucial technical tasks through a single interface. This includes uploading and updating third-party applications, managing database backups, and easily customizing configuration files.

 But there's something for developers too: The log view allows quick access to the server log, enabling better tracking of possible behaviors. Moreover, the ITISeasy.control-center allows restarting the ITISeasy application, all done intuitively without the need for a command-line interface.

Extend Modules and Manage Directory Service Users

Do you want to add another module to your solution that you have purchased from a third-party vendor? No problem! With ITISeasy.control-center, you don't need command-line knowledge to do this. Simply upload the module and then install it into your solution. It's that easy!


Upload Modules/Apps

With, you can quickly and conveniently upload apps using the upload feature. It checks if the extension is valid according to Odoo standards. Additionally, the files are scanned for viruses to ensure the safety of your system.

After uploading the module, you can install it as usual in Odoo or in under "Apps".

By referring to the list of uploaded modules, you can easily identify the third-party modules you have installed. You can also see the version of each module. If you want to provide a new version of a module, simply upload it. It will automatically replace the previously uploaded module (manifest) with the same name. Again, you just need to update the app.

Backup and Reboot

Before making important changes to your system, it is advisable to create a backup of your current system. This applies not only to installing new modules but also to critical system settings.

You can easily create a backup that is directly stored on the server. This allows you to quickly and safely take a snapshot of your current database. You can mark important backups as template backups and use them for future database entries on the selection screen.

Restoring is as simple as a mouse click.

It couldn't be easier!

Service Status and Restart​

In the control center, you also have an overview of all services for the respective ITISeasy solution. You can view the current status of each service and restart the respective service with a mouse click. All of this can be done conveniently in your browser without using the console.

All Systems Under Control

As you can see, ITISeasy.control-center provides excellent support for as well. In addition to restarting services, you can view and analyze logs as well as customize server configurations.

With,,, and, you have a comprehensive set of tools that offer unparalleled convenience.

Active Directory and LDAP: User and Group Management Made Easy

Active Directory and LDAP (Lightweight Directory Access Protocol) greatly facilitate user and group management.

With ITISeasy.control-center, you can easily establish a connection to your Active Directory or LDAP server. This allows you to synchronize users and groups, manage access rights, and assign permissions with ease.

You can create new users and groups directly from the control center and update existing user information. Additionally, you have the possibility to adjust synchronization settings and schedule the database synchronization with the Active Directory or LDAP server.

With ITISeasy.control-center, managing users and groups in Active Directory and LDAP becomes a breeze.

LDAP Groups

Through the ITISeasy.control-center interface, you can conveniently manage groups and create new LDAP groups. Groups make it easier for you to assign permissions to a group of users in the products.

Users - Create LDAP Users

New users can also be easily created, and you can decide which solutions the user should have access to through a simple selection.

We would be happy to show you everything you can do with the control center.


Searching for Users and Groups

Users and groups can be easily identified and customized according to your needs using the search function. Whether you want to change a user's password or adjust group assignments, all of this is possible with ITISeasy.control-center.

Removing Users from Groups

Of course, you can also remove users from groups or adjust group assignments afterwards. Has this piqued your interest? We look forward to hearing from you.


User Export and Import

With the new ITISeasy.control-center, you have the ability to quickly and easily upload your users and groups. This can be done using the new import function from Excel or CSV files into your control center.

Furthermore, you can now also set permissions for the users, eliminating the need to individually add each user to the desired groups.

Database Backup and Download

With the new database backup feature, you can now create a backup of your database yourself. The backup file will be available for download in the ITISeasy.control-center, allowing you to save your database to a separate medium.

Test User Login Information

To ensure that your users can log in to the ITISeasy systems, you can now verify the login directly in the control center.

Search for User Subset

You can now search the entire directory tree for individual users, groups, or memberships. This feature is particularly useful when you have numerous users to manage, as it greatly simplifies the process of finding specific users or groups within the directory.