It's Not Just Technology That Matters  - Know-How About The Hosted Environment Is Also Important. 

Hosting In Germany.

Technology And Security - Hosting In Germany

We are not only specialists concerning the solutions we offer - we also operate them in our own data center in Germany, providing maximum quality and security. We operate our data center based on 24 years of experience, for an increasing number of customers, entrusting us with their data and servers. Meanwhile we operate 1041 servers in our data centers.

The security of the servers and stored data, has always been of particular importance to us. We secure our data centers with a triple firewall technology with two additional reverse proxy servers.

The connection to the Internet is based on several independent fiber optic lines, with almost 100% reliability, to grant our customers permanent access to the systems operated by us.

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Setup And Operation In Our Data - Centers

Wether our customer chooses "managed hosting" or "unmanaged hosting", we offer comprehensive and detailed consulting, from seizing the servers to the final operation. "Managed hosting" is similar to  an "all-inclusive service package" for the customer. We take care of regular backups and monitor availability and connection to the Internet.

Upcoming security updates are checked by us of course, before we deploy them to customer system.

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ITIS AG -  an IT service provider with 24 years of experience - provides all the relevant know-how about your hosted environment. We will help you with the key figures of the expected system load, the users and their temporal behavior, the scalability and the spatial distribution in the decision to the right system, whether hardware or virtualized systems are more performant in your individual case.

In addition to the general considerations, when choosing an operating environment, not every company has space, technical and professional capabilities to run their systems themselves, so it absolutely makes sense to hire an experienced hosting provider with in-depth software knowledge, regarding for example hosting Odoo, Alfresco and Zimbra.

The ITIS Triple Protection

We consider data security as a complex, holistic issue, not as a simple collection of defending tools against specific attack patterns. Our physical security measures include traceable access control as well as redundancies in power supply, air conditioning, protection against natural hazards (flood, lightning, fire) and infrastructure.  

Our customers benefit for example from offsite backups, allowing us to restore their data, even in case of a disaster (destruction of a data center). The backups are stored in an especially secured location outside the data centers. A must-have, when processing company data, for example in an ERP system!
We secure our data centers with a triple firewall technology with two additional reverse proxy servers.

Hosting by ITIS gets numerous tasks and obligations done for you, such as providing appropriate capacity, having qualified administrators look after the systems, creating, providing and implementing backups, and ensuring high availability. We also take care of replacement systems in the case of a failure.

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The ITIS Data Center Control Room

As a cloud-provider, we know very well about the worth of our data center. For this reason, we have always been investing in the latest technique and highly qualified employees, working in shift operation in our DataCenterControlRoom. 

Every interference is communicated immediately. Furthermore, a multitude of monitors  are available, showing, what´s happening in the "web", or to individual customer systems.

With these monitoring measures we make sure, that in case of a problem, our highly qualified administrators can react immediately and initiate counteraction.

Hosting In Our Own Data Center Combined with Know-How about the Solutions

In addition to hosting expertise, we also have extensive knowledge of hosted solutions and will be happy to consult and assist you with your plans and questions.

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The  ITIS AG headquarters in Altheim, Bavaria, not far from Munich Airport, not only offers enough space for the creative work of more than 25 employees, but is also "home" to several servers in the company's own data center. Here, we provide a secure surrounding for the systems we use ourselves, many of our customers' websites, Alfresco, Odoo and Zimbra systems, which are looked after by experienced system administrators.

You would like to know your solutions secure and high performant? You are interested in an individual hosting offer?  Tell us about your plans and requirements, and see, how we could bring them to live. Because we make it happen!

FAQ Hosting

Data security has top priority in our company, that is why our data centers are all run in Germany. The data protection rules are particularly strict here, and you are the sole owner of your securely stored data.

Our data center provides a three level firewall- architecture with two reverse-proxy-servers, granting safety for your data.

Most of our computers are run under a Linux-bootstrap-surrounding. Every image and server-blade, automatically obtains security-updates from a central apt-mirror, which is run in our ITIS headquarters. security-updates are examined here on a weekly basis, first, and afterwards drawn from the hosted server. Updates are run, based on our suggestion, or as requested by the customer.  

Your surrounding, hosted in our data center is run on servers of Dell, Lenovo, Fujitsu and IBM, which are highly appreciated, due to their comprehensive management-functions and top reliability. The highly performant and compact blade-servers used here, allow a concentrated and cross-linked operation of systems. The blades are slided into the bladecenter and can be exchanged within seconds, in case of a failure.  

In your support-appointment, proceeding, reaction time, access methods and contact data are agreed.

If you do not have a service-agreement, you will be supported immediately too, of course.

Regular data backups as incremental backups of production databases and file stores are a must and are optimally performed outside office hours. Weekly full backups happen on a backup server in the grandfather-father-son principle.

If you wish, we can also perform backups and disaster recovery tests. The backups are then password-protected and stored on magnetic storage disks in a vault, physically separated from the data center.

On request, we generate, archive and send RO backup media with hashes via RFC3161 timestamps.

We use an access control system with an electronic door lock, which also stores personal data, date and time. Access protection against unauthorized third parties is also provided in the locked rack space and via network security.​

Data on IT IS data centers.

Digital door locks with access logging prevent not only physical unauthorized access to the data center, as already mentioned, but also to the entire IT IS AG building. Visitors are logged at the reception desk with date and time. Video cameras on the entire premises secure outdoor areas and checks also take place at night and on Sundays and public holidays. All requirements regarding basic IT protection according to BSI-ISO 27001 are met.

The computer racks have a redundant and fail-safe power supply from the Uniper hydroelectric power plant 500 meters away. Our own photovoltaic system contributes to our green thinking. The last power failure was more than 12 years ago and lasted about 30 minutes at that time.

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