Security Can Be Easy: Move To A Cloud. Your Own Cloud.

In your own protected space, you are certainly not isolated, but the decision of who gains access to your space is solely yours.

Ensure Your Security - With ITISeasy

Be open and discoverable for customers and partners while simultaneously knowing that sensitive data and content are secure. With ITISeasy, you effortlessly achieve this balancing act! You decide who is "in touch" with your company - and who is not. Experience the reassuring feeling of security along with maximum communication capability and presence. With your own private cloud.

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based on Odoo

Your contacts in the hands of others. Unbelievable? Yes, we think so too. But then, why share everything with companies located in foreign countries that don't care at all about what is allowed in your country? With, your company is in your hands and not easily accessible to foreign influences.

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based on Alfresco

​  Do you want to nail your documents to the door of Wittenberg? Perhaps some, but most things are private. With, your documents remain confidential.

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