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An essential freedom with ITISeasy is to have your information with you everywhere. As long as you have internet connection, you are IN THE MIDDLE with ITISeasy. ITISeasy has its roots in popular open-source solutions such as Odoo, Alfresco, Zimbra, and BBB (BigBlueButton). However, we have refined, improved, and integrated all of these solutions. Read about the advantages you gain from it.  

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Sales, the final negotiation with your customer, and they present new requirements: Can you deliver your product on time with these new specifications? What about production? How is the workload of your employees?

With, based on Odoo, you can quickly and easily access this information on your mobile phone or tablet. This builds trust and leads to a successful customer closure.

Successful completion.

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Your worst nightmare: An employee has sent outdated contract documents and price lists to a customer from the home office.

Avoid this situation with, based on Alfresco. You and your employees have access to the latest documents from your home office and even while on the go. This prevents misunderstandings and creates a sense of security and trust in your dealings with customers.

Documents up to date.

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Are you familiar with this situation: You're on a business trip, sitting on a train, and don't have access to your office emails... and you urgently need to respond to a customer inquiry?

With, you can avoid such situations as you can read and compose emails even offline. Once internet connectivity is available again, automatically synchronizes your emails. This makes your work easier and ensures satisfied customers.

Professional Communication.

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You have acquired a new major client and are close to finalizing the contract. Your client wants to make some last-minute additions to certain sections and discuss them with you.

With, no problem. Send your client a link with an access code, and you can immediately collaborate and finalize the contract together in a video conference. This saves time and leads to a quick contract closure.

Meet customer requirements on a new level.

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