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Life is Becoming More and More Complicated - Wouldn't it be Nice if It Became a Bit Simpler?

Well, now it is: It´s easy to get familiar with and operate ITISeasy!


 Today, everyone can handle an internet browser. The ITISeasy programs are structured like web pages and will convince you by their clear, easy and intuitive use. Get started right away, without struggling through countless manuals and trainings.

All of our solutions are designed for a simple and intuitive operation. Take a closer look and enjoy simplicity combined with efficiency!!

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The platform's logical and well-organized workflows guide users through tasks, streamlining processes and saving time.
The next steps are prominently highlighted, providing clear direction and eliminating confusion during usage.


A Google search for your own documents? Sounds gorgeous, right?  ITISeasy.docs makes it possible. A search feature allows users to quickly find relevant information or documents within the platform, enhancing productivity. The reading view displays the content in a clear and concise manner, allowing users to understand the context at a glance.​

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A mail, a click and you have sent an appointment invitation. With efficient email management features, you can save time and increase your productivity when handling your email communications. ITISeasy.email your perfect solution to support you, keeping your communication under control.


 Quickly plan a team meeting: Just open the Firefox or Chrome browser, grab the link, and share it with your colleagues. And you're ready to start with presentations, video chat, or screen sharing. No installation required, and with ITISeasy.team, no hassles whatsoever.

When will you start, and try ITISeasy?

Test it now for free. By the way, even with full utilization, you'll get a solution with a top price-performance ratio.