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Easy Operation and Comprehensive Support:
The intuitive user interface and extensive support resources enable easy use and facilitate getting started.​
Cost-Effective Solution:
The solution provides cost-effective options, including low acquisition and operational costs, as well as usage costs below the market standard.
Customizability and Scalability: enables easy customization and expansion by allowing you to add modules and adjust the system according to your specific requirements.
Secure and Reliable: prioritizes security and ensures that your data is protected and inaccessible to third parties. The system operates in multiple data centers located exclusively in Germany, providing an additional layer of security.
Future-proof and Maintainable:
With its open-source nature and active community support, ensures future-proofing. Continuous updates are available, ensuring long-term maintainability


System - independent and contemporary solutions


Runs On Your
PC/ tablet /smartphone.
Client Requirement
Support for all common operating systems (browser and PDF support).
Type of Access
Mobile Access
Yes, with good internet connection.
Client / application server /database-server.
In use for 10 years > 99% 
Data Security
Secure system (no access by third parties).
Seamless Data Exchange:
The solution supports the import and export of data in common formats such as CSV and Excel, facilitating easy data exchange with external systems .
Integration Capabilities: provides interfaces for integration with various external systems, enabling seamless data flow and interoperability
Hosted in multiple data centers located exclusively in Germany.

Overall, Brings Simplicity, Cost-Effectiveness, Adaptability, Security, and Community Support to Your Company, Significantly Enhancing Efficiency in All Your Business Processes. is an enrichment - also for your company!


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